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Online Coaching and Program Design 



                                           "Working online with you has been a fantastic experience!" - Mary Johnson


It doesn’t matter how you look at it, we could all use a little coaching in life. We could all benefit from someone changing up our workout routine, someone challenging and encouraging us, and someone who wants to make us better. And let’s face it...always doing what we like to do in the gym is not always what we should do in the gym.


Are you motivated to meet your goals but your bored with your current training regimen? Online training is probably for you.


Are you prepping for a specific goal? Do you want your best body for your wedding day or to hit a new PR on that half marathon? Online training is probably for you.


Are you already in good shape, but you want to get into great shape? Online training is probably for you.


Do you want an effective and efficient workout that you don’t have to think about? Online training is probably for you.


                                           "I always look forward to my new workout plans" - Norma M.


We take the goals of our online clients just as seriously as our in-person clients. Here’s what you’ll get as an online coaching client of Training by Taylor:


  • Monthly programs built around your needs and your goals. These programs include soft tissue work, warm-up exercises, muscle activation, strength training,  conditioning, and rest and recovery. 

  • Access to Trainerize, a client/trainer portal with the videos and instructions you need for proper technique and form for all the exercises that appear in your program. Available on your smart phone, so you can take it with you as you workout.

  • Continuous online support. Again, we take our online clients seriously. We are available when you need to ask questions or want to adjust your program. Just let us know what we can do for you!

  • General nutrition guidance and monitoring. We don’t believe in meal plans and neither should you. Life is too short to not eat the things you want, but I’ll show you how to eat what you want and still accomplish your health and fitness goals. As a Precision Nutrition Pn1 certified coach, we have all of the tools needed to get you to your goals, the right way. 

  • A free official Training by Taylor Shaker cup!! A one-of-a-kind item you don’t want to workout without. 


So, are you ready to discover a better you? Let Training by Taylor help pave the way for you. Get in touch, and we’ll follow-up within 24 hours.



We offer 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month packages. Contact us for pricing information.




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