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Hear what past and current Training by Taylor clients have to say about their experience and fitness journey.

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“I have lost over 130 pounds"


"Ryan Taylor has been my fitness trainer since August 2011 at Anytime Fitness in Manhattan, KS.  My focus has been on weight loss, nutrition, and physical fitness.  His knowledge and expertise have been invaluable.  Because I am in my late 50's he understood what it was going to take to get me to my goal.  As of June 2012 I have lost over 130lbs.  Thanks to Ryan's encouragement and positive attitude it has kept me motivated to continue to reach my goals.  He taught me how to be hungry, but not starving; how having sore muscles means im always pushing myself to do better; and how a lot of training is mind over matter. I have a bone-on-bone bad knee and my Doctor and Ryan were very proud of me when I completed my first two-mile run on Saint Patrick's Day.  I continued to run most every day, and my knee has never felt better.  I believe Ryan is the best!!" - Jan Miller

" Every workout is varied, fun, intense and delivers immediate results"


"I have made amazing progress with Ryan. I am mid-50s and have been working with Ryan for about a year. I feel like I am in the best shape since college – in some aspects, better. My goals were to add mass, avoid injury, lower body fat, increase vital capacity and strengthen core. Ryan has led me to significant achievements on all those goals. Ryan has the academic and collegiate trainer background to deeply understand the mechanics of the body – critical to avoiding injury and he has helped me rehabilitate old injuries from past trainers and my own mistakes. Every workout is varied, fun, intense and delivers immediate results – important for me as I travel a lot and my availability to train varies a lot week to week – Ryan ensures that we quickly recover any lost gains, safely, and move to the next level. He is a great motivator, I see how he adapts to clients with different goals and personalities and I always enjoy the workouts." - Marlin Bowers


"He takes your fitness goals seriously"


"Before I started training, I was underweight. I had spent a few years trying to lose the weight I gained from college. I went from one extreme to the other. I had no shape, or muscle. On the hockey rink, I was easily knocked over. I was skinny, but I didn't look good, I had no endurance, and I had no tone. I had begun lifting on my own but was bored quickly and unmotivated so I was looking for the next level. Training with Ryan gets me there. He was able to work out a specific program for my fitness level and interests, like gaining strength and improving hockey performance. Lifting weights was no longer monotonous, because of the good programs he wrote. His personality is a good balance of jokes, as long as you are not slacking during the workout. He takes your fitness goals seriously. I gained at least ten pounds of muscle and looked better and performed better in hockey. In the last year, I started going to graduate school full-time, and continued my full-time job. Ryan was able to adapt my lifting and nutrition program so that I didn't lose too much strength in my core lifts, or gain too much weight from all the stress." - Martin Schilling

"[He] tailors each workout to your specific goals"


"If you’re looking for a personal trainer who will tailor each workout to your specific goals and teach correct form for a safe workout, Ryan is the best!   He varies each workout and knows just how much to push to motivate you.  I’ve greatly increased core strength and flexibility and have so much more energy.  After a tough workout I leave sweaty and exhausted but feeling energized. After years of not exercising regularly, he has motivated me to enjoy working out and keeping up a more active lifestyle."  - Ann Lepper

"More than a trainer...."


"Ryan has been my trainer and has become a friend over the past two years.  From the moment he became my trainer, he cared and showed interest in my health, took the time to show me th proper technique to lift and how to have a healthy lifestyle.  He showed support with every step of my journey.  Has even ran a 5k with me to show his encouragement to keep up the good work.  He made me want to have a healthy life, not just for a short period, but for a lifetime.  I would never have been getting ready to run my first half marathon if it weren't for his support, love, and knowledge in his field.  I wish him the best and know he will continue to inspire others to be healthy." - Joy Wade




"He has been the best supporter, motivator, trainer, and coach"


I was lucky enough to start working with Ryan by chance just about a year ago, and I wouldn't trade that for anything. Through broken bones, accident recoveries, bodybuilding preps, bikini shows, 80 different one year goals, gymnastic comebacks, pro card dreams, and a whole lot of ups and downs, He has been the best supporter, motivator, trainer, and coach I could possibly have had. I am in the best shape of my life thanks to Ryan and it is only just the beginning.  - Danielle Barry




















"Pain-free at last!"


"My name is Yasché Glass, I am one of Ryan Taylor's clients who is more than ecstatic to write a letter of recommendation on his behalf. It would be my pleasure to rave about how much weight I have lost during the time that he has trained me over the years.  However, that wouldnt be my story or the biggest accomplishment. Please, read on...


I came to Ryan in 2010 after I had a major back surgery.  I came to him both physically and emotionally weak and torn down from the havoc that was wreaked on my body and during the "recovery" stages.  I tried on my own to regain full mobility, and I finally gave up when I could hardly stand up-right with out being in extreme pain and crying.  I hated seeing myself in that state.  I hated even more not being able to interact with my children and caring for them as a mother would.  I was literally watching my life pass me by and seeing the world go on as I sat as a useless observer.


So after much encouragement from my supportive kids, I joined a local gym and then decided to hire on a trainer.  Ryan assured me that the road to recovery would be tough, but he would be there every step of the way.  From the very first day, Ryan looked at me as a person desiring major change instead of a faceless "client" he could make money off of by hustling all the extras he had to offer.  As a trainer, Ryan is willing to develop a plan that works best for his indivdual client's needs.  He is also willing to go the long haul with any of his clients to make sure the goal is met.  He is both motivational and inspirational to his clients, simply one of the best to work with.  


I am most impressed that Ryan had been even more supportive than I would have expected a trainer to be during my 6-month stint of relapse.  Even though I wasn't his "client" during the time of recovery, he still kept in contact with me. 


So I am sure you want to know how I did.  Well, not only can I stand up right tear-free, I can run a mile, plank for almost a minute, could probably win a burpee competition and flip that monster truck tire with the best of them! I am also down 2 dress sizes!" - Yasche Glass

"Changed my life"


"I can truly say that Ryan Taylor has changed my life.  I began training with Ryan at the beginning of January of 2011, needing a lot of help and found the right person.  Ryan's training gave me the knowledge of how to do many different exercises through the proper technique and motivated me the whole way.  I may not been so fond of how hard the workouts were at the time, but it was what I needed.  He not only was a great trainer, but a great friend of mine as well.  I made great strides while working out whether it was decreasing my mile-run time or losing weight consistently.  We ran a 5k in Ocotober of 2011 that was very fulfilling.  I started at a weight of 266 when I started working out and am now 193.  The weight loss is great but seeing myself drop size after size of clothes is an amazing feeling.


I started tracking my measurements starting April 19th of 2011.  My waist went from a 43'' to a 34.5'' and I have lost 7 inches from my hips as well.  My BMI dropped from a 36.3 to a 28.9.  Total fat percentage went down from 36.3 to 24.8.  Visceral fat has also gone from an 18 down to an 11. Muscle percentage went from 30 to 36.7.  So to say that meeting Ryan and training with him was one of the smartest decisions I ever made is an understatement.  He truly did change my life, for which I can't thank him enough." - Christian Abitz

"I am not only ready to rock my wedding dress, but also to continue a healthier life style"


I worked with Ryan for a little bit over a month and asked him to help me get toned and ready to fit in my wedding dress. Since our first meeting Ryan made me feel very comfortable as he was extremely knowledgeable not only of the right exercises and technique, but also about the (greatly important) nutritional component that came along with losing weight/getting lean. He was very clear and gave me a detailed plan for exercises and nutrition. He encouraged me the whole way, and what I loved the most about working with him was his genuine concern that he had with me as a client. He made me feel more accountable to myself because he put a lot of effort during our training sessions and checking in with me during the week to see how the nutrition plan and workouts were going. Surely enough, thanks to his support, guidance, professionalism and experience I was able to achieve my goals! 


I am not only ready to rock my wedding dress, but also to continue a healthier life style, thanks to Ryan! - Alejandra Ruales

"I highly recommend Ryan Taylor as a personal trainer"


"I have been training with Ryan Taylor since January 2013. Upon meeting Ryan, I immediately saw his dedication and passion for training people.  He incorporates diet and exercise into his programs and helps to encourage you to stick to the program (e.g., he monitors MyFitnessPal logs, texts me when I’m slacking and also texts me to ask me when I’m going to get my supplemental cardio/in-home workout in (that he provided) if it’s not logged into MyFitnessPal).  He always keeps his routines changing and incorporates different equipment to keep the workouts interesting. This was key to me as I get bored very easily with the same routines. When I started training with him my body fat percentage was around 46% and, after 6 months, it decreased to about 29%. I then got pregnant in the summer of 2013 and, upon my doctor’s orders, we had to stop our training schedule.  However, I was cleared to resume training with him in my 2nd trimester.  He was very much attune to my medical condition as I had kidney stones during my pregnancy and was extremely limited in what I could do.  Thus, he kept our routines simple with stretching, light weights and kegel exercises (which greatly helped me to have a very easy delivery (and this was my first baby)).  Now that I am back to a standard training schedule, he is currently helping me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight with the goal of losing more.  He is very cognizant of the fact that I am nursing when it comes to my diet, but is still helping me stick to a routine so I can achieve my goals. He is also very flexible and accommodating with his schedule, which is important to me given my work/life balance of being a new full time mom and attorney.  I highly recommend Ryan Taylor as a personal trainer." -Valarie Merrill-Cooke

"[I] learned much more about proper exercise techniques"


"I've had the opportunity to train with various personal trainers in the last few years.  Ryan's techniques and training philosophy have been more successful in helping me achieve my goals.  I have also learned much more about proper exercise techniques and know I can use this knowledge to keep me healthy and strong in the future.  Ryan has also worked around my hectic schedule and has simply been a great trainer for me!" -Genaro Villa

"He makes weight loss approachable by keeping in simple and attainable"


"Ryan Taylor has been my personal trainer since October 1, 2012. Over the years, he has transformed my attitudes, for the positive, on health and fitness. I am someone who struggled with staying on a workout or weight loss routine because I get bored and discouraged. Ryan has helped me see my fitness goals as a lifestyle choice rather than a mundane routine. He constantly challenges me to push harder when I reach certain weight loss landmarks. Even when I fell off, Ryan was there to pick me up and put me back on track. He makes weight loss approachable by keeping it simple and attainable. From detailed meal plans to tailored daily workouts, Ryan is hands on and will follow up to ensure you achieve the goals you set for yourself. Train with Ryan Taylor and you won’t regret it!" -Simi Opayemi


"Learned to motify my routine and safely stay active"


"There are a lot of great things I could say about Ryan but one has been the most important to me.  Because of the work I do, certain muscles are injury prone.  In the past I'd just stop working out and never get back into it.  With Ryan's experience, Ive learned to motify my routine and safely stay active. "

- Allen Addington

"Made me totally rethink my own fitness goals and plans"


I want to start off by saying that I thought I had exercise really figured out…until I got onto Training by Taylor’s online program, that is. I had been a five-sport athlete in high school, had worked out steadily since, and am what would be considered by most as “in shape.” HOWEVER, my classic elliptical/lifting (arms, chest, back) workout had peaked out. I just didn’t know where to go next. This is where Ryan came in. His expertise in all things fitness/training/diet came through amazingly in the online workout program. His workouts pushed my training in whole new directions and made me totally rethink my own fitness goals and plans. Now I get more positive improvements in one hour than I did in my previous 2 ½ hour slog. Even more, Ryan has worked closely with me via phone/text/email to keep me moving toward my goals and beyond. He is always there to answer any questions, from the basic to the detailed, and, because of feedback from me, adjusts my workouts to develop any weak areas (in my case, my hips and legs especially). In closing, I just can’t recommend this program enough—Ryan’s expertise, along with his top-notch people skills and drive, make it a no-brainer.   - Vaughn Scribner


"is able to explain the how and why of everything in layman's terms"


Ryan has made such a significant difference in my life in a short amount of time - and a very positive difference at that.  I started training with Ryan in May 2015.  I was at a point where I knew I needed to exercise more, eat better, and lose weight... but I wanted to do so in an approachable, sustainable, and healthy way.  Working with Ryan has made that possible.  He is knowledgable, encouraging, and pretty hilarious.  He has the academic/science background necessary but is able to explain the how and why of everything in layman's terms. He listens to me and offers solutions if I mention any pain or concerns.  And he makes me laugh when I'd rather be doing anything but.  I actually look forward to our sessions, which says a lot about him!  He switches up my workouts so I'm never bored, makes me try things I'm scared of (which is a good thing!), works around my knee injury, and gives me manageable "homework" exercise and eating plans.  I should add he does all of this with a smile on his face even if I'm complaining or cranky.  And the good news is, it's working!  I'm stronger than I've ever been, I'm steadily losing weight and body fat while gaining muscle, I pay much more attention to what I'm eating (...and drinking), and in general have gained an appreciation for exercise and its effect on my mind and body.  I'm so glad I decided to take control of my health, and even happier that I found Ryan to put it all into action.  Anyone would be lucky to have him as a trainer, he truly is the best!  - Mary Beth Walsh

"Simply put, he cares."


There are probably plenty of trainers who can spend a couple of hours a week with their clients to get them in shape.  But I think a trainer like Ryan, whose commitment to his clients extends well beyond the time they spend at the gym together, is really a rarity. He goes out of his way to connect with his clients on a personal level, to understand not only their fitness goals, but also who they are as a person so he can capitalize on what drives and motivates them. I don't think he ever stops thinking about his clients.  He is continuously coming up with new techniques and new ways to encourage them. Simply put, he cares. Your successes--both in life and at the gym--are his successes, and he's genuinely happy to see you accomplish your goals.  Because of his dedication, I work so much harder both with him and on my own.  I don't want to let him down, because he's the best.  That's really all there is to it. - Smitha Nagaraja


"I feel like I can do pretty much anything"


Ryan Taylor keeps this 60 year old body as strong as it was in it's 30's!! Thank you for keeping me moving, for giving me physical strength which has transferred into mental strength. I feel like I can do pretty much anything, without restrictions. Ryan makes working out fun, he pushes me to do things outside my comfort level, resulting in a stronger, more capable me.  - Christie Wallace

"I went from staying away from weights to heading straight there"


I have been training with Ryan for nearly a year now, before training with him all I did was cardio.  Ryan has helped me realize that weights are not intimidating if you know what you are doing.  He has been incredibly professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and accommodating since day 1.  Ryan really takes the time to write workouts according to your specific fitness goals and changes them as your goals change.  I always look forward to my new workout plans and really enjoy completing my workouts on a day-to-day basis.  I went from staying away from weights to heading straight there and honestly enjoying weight training.  I would recommend Ryan to anyone without any hesitation.  He’s the best! 

~Norma M. 



"It was incredible to witness my body transform into a powerhouse"


Fall of 2013 I partnered with Personal Trainer Ryan Taylor for my fitness journey to enhance my health, fitness, and develop a new lifestyle. I have experienced great victories while training with Ryan Taylor. Through his customized training plan I fell in love with Power Lifting. It was incredible to witness my body transform into a powerhouse! I stretched beyond my goals of weightloss and set person records of lifting, pushing, and pulling at maximum strengths. Training with Ryan has transformed me into a new person both physically and mentally! I aspire to continue living a healthy lifestyle thanks to the training, coaching, and style of Ryan Taylor.  - Amber Brookins

"I don't notice my arthritis as much"


I have more confidence than I ever had! I still have a lot of room to improve but I am not giving up! My health is so important to me and Training by Taylor has been my savior!   You have been my inspiration. Working online with you has been a fantastic experience! You are very good at keeping in touch with me- asking questions about my diet and how my workouts are going! Love the videos you include to show me the proper way to do the exercises!  I am lifting heavier weights than I thought I could lift! I don't notice my arthritis as much because I am conditioning and strengthening  Can't thank you enough for helping me get inches off also! I have lost over 20 inches throughout my body! You push me past my comfort zone and I learn a lot from your workouts doing it all online! Training by Taylor has the experience and knowledge to get you to the next level! I can't Thank you enough Ryan Taylor! 

- Mary Johnson


"the non-judgmental and positive attitude Ryan brings"


I'm a typical middle-aged guy with a demanding career who drinks and parties on occasion, and I definitely do not eat as healthy or workout as often as I should. And I'm usually too polite to say WTF when Ryan presents a new challenging exercise. He keeps the training fresh with new routines that incrementally push my strength, endurance, and balance. Equally important is the non-judgmental and positive attitude Ryan brings so that without his ever saying it I know that my fitness goals guide Ryan's approach to training. That's why I continue to be a client for 2 years and counting even though while I'm doing a Turkish Get-Up I'm still muttering WTF.  

-Dr. Clinton Nichols

"Ryan is everything you hope for when you sign up for a personal trainer."


When I first started to train with Ryan, it was a last-ditch attempt to force myself to exercise and lead a healthier lifestyle after enduring three unnecessarily stressful years of grad school.  I was in such poor physical shape and I thought, well, I definitely can’t fix this.  Maybe Ryan can.


Ryan is everything you hope for when you sign up for a personal trainer.  He’s responsible, engaging, and invested in you.  His workout sessions are tailored to your personal goals, they’re never repetitive or boring, and they can be as challenging as you like.  Ryan is both easy going and someone who’ll push you to your limit (if that’s what you want, of course).  Even when I dragged my feet, whined, or occasionally glared at him, Ryan was always smiling and laughing about something and pretty soon, I was too.  I never understood how he was able to do that.  My training sessions were always the best part of my day, which is incredible given how little I enjoyed exercising.  


Needless to say, Ryan got me in the best shape of my life.  I never felt physically better or more confident (I thought I could take on anyone -- I guess that’s a side effect of Training by Taylor).  I can’t recommend Ryan highly enough.  If you’re looking for a personal trainer, Ryan is your guy.  Seriously.   

- Caroline Lam


"finished my first powerlifting competition with increasing my three-lift total by 150lbs while losing 22lbs"


I had gotten to a point in my fitness life where I wasn’t fulfilled with what I was doing nor seeing results. I knew I wanted to compete at something to give me a goal to work towards. I wanted to feel the fire of competition again but wasn’t sure how to get there or what to compete in. Relatively quickly I decided I wanted to powerlift. After that I had no idea on how I was going to achieve this goal. This is when I contacted Ryan with interest in hiring him as an online coach. I expressed my goals and what I was currently doing. Within a day, he had a custom nutrition plan and the start of a workout program for my first powerlifting competition. I was ecstatic! The nutrition plan was fairly easy to abide by and the workouts were structured perfectly for me to peak at precisely the right time. As the workouts and days progressed both my nutrition and workouts were modified to better fit my needs. Ryan did not stop there, he mentored me in the skills/techniques via videos that were required of me to compete to the legal standards of the federation I was going to lift in (the squat, bench press, and deadlift). During this time, Ryan helped me overcome some minor injuries (a tweaked hamstring and bicep. Remember the goal in powerlifting is to lift maximal weight so you will be pushing your body to the max) and some mobility issues (with me my ankles, hips, and shoulders needed a lot of work). All of these issues were met with a well understood knowledge of how/why the issues arose, then a practical solution was applied. To end, I finished my first powerlifting competition with increasing my three-lift total by 150lbs while losing 22lbs and changing my total body composition in 12 weeks!! None of this would have been possible without Ryan’s expertise and guidance. I highly recommend anyone no matter the goal to give Ryan a try! 


 - Matt Cox 

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