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Training for Obstacle Races - Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the "Training for Obstacle Races" video series! In this video, we move through a new set of obstacles. By now our heart rates have been elevated for more than 20 minutes. You'll notice that my breathing is heavy, and I'm moving a little slower.

During this portion of the Spartan Sprint, while there are less obsticals than we saw in the first video, the accumulated fatigue is starting to set in, and we start to see some racers falling behind.

Obstacles Shown in Part 2:

- Tire pull

- Army crawl beneath barbed wire

- Mud hole walk

- Cargo net climb

- Hill runs

Example Workout for Part 2 Obstacles:

A1) 15-minute hill jog on treadmill - This will simulate the fatigue you feel at this point in the race. Fluctuate your incline between 4-8.

B1) Dumbbell Step-Ups - 3x10 each leg

B2) Mini Band "Monster Walks" - 3x15 yards. *For the "Monster Walk" put the band around your ankles, keep some distance between your feet, and walk forward like a monster - this replicates the mud resistance. If you don't have a mini band perform 3 sets of 40 mountain climbers.

B3) Bent-Over Alternating Dumbbell row - 10 each arm

B1-B3 should be performed back-to-back with a 15-second break between each exercise; do 3 total sets.

Bodyweight Circuit - Start by doing this circuit 3 times, then progress to 4 times.

C1) Confused Bear Crawl - 10 each side *For this movement, get onto all-fours and reach forward with your right hand and left leg. Return to beginning position, and repeat 10 times. Switch sides, and do another set of 10 with your left arm and right leg.

C2) Hand Walkouts - 10x

C3) Bear Crawl - 30 yards (stay low!)

C4) Walk back to start position

If you're looking for more one-on-one training or programing for your next race, let's get in touch. Good Luck!!


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