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Medicine Ball Power Series – The Rotational Scoop Toss

How and why to implement this basic, yet powerful movement to increase power and athleticism

Medicine balls are primary viewed in 2 ways. Either utilized by athletes in training or found in the “core and stretching section” of most commercial gyms. This is a shame, as these simple tools can add a ton of benefit to anyone looking to improve power, core strength and priming the nervous system for an effective warmup.

The rotational scoop toss works by kinetically transferring force from the lower body to the upper body. This is a major function of the core and getting out of the sagittal plane (straight ahead) is something that most training programs lack, is beneficial in decreasing injury and building well balance strength. This movement does all of that, in a safe and effective manner that most any lifter can benefit from.

Getting Started –

· Pick a weight that can be moved FAST (a 4-10lb med ball is usually plenty)

· Rotate through the lower body and hips, finishing through the arms (think baseball swing)

· Shoulders parallel to the floor and not towards it

· Ball tight to the hip throughout rotation

· Keep reps lower (2-6 reps/side) for maximizing power

Add this in as a stand-alone warmup movement, as a intra- contrast set with a major movement or for a little longer time for a core scorcher. Work through the levels and FEEL THE POWER.

Level 1

Med Ball Scoop Toss

Side to Side Scoop Toss

Level 2

Med ball Scoop Toss with Counter Movement

Drop Step Med Ball Scoop Toss

Level 3

Drop Step Med Ball Scoop Toss with Counter Movement

*basically a more aggressive combo of both level 2 movements


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