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Medicine Ball Power Series – The Slam

How and why to implement this basic, yet powerful movement to increase power and athleticism

The next installment of the Med Ball Power Series, we dive into the most commonly used movement of the tool, the slam.

The slam is not only a very effective compound power movement, but is extremely easy to perform, making this a great movement for lifters and athletes of all ages.

Like the previously written about Med Ball Scoop Toss, this movement is primarily used for a core movement, or for a workout power primer, to ramp up the nervous system in preparation for a major strength training movement.

Key Points for Performance –

- Pick a weight that can be moved fast (for most a 8lb-16lb is plenty)

- Get to full, triple extension on the way up. This means ankles (think tip toes), knees and hips are all extended with the arms and ball overhead.

- Snap down through the hips and finish in a squat position and catch the ball off the bounce and into the next rep

- For power training, look to increase the rate of speed each rep

- Try to “break the floor” each and every rep!

- Increase difficulty by performing on one leg, adding some rotation or using one arm (videos below)

Get to slamming.

Level 1 –

Level 2 – Add Rotation

Level 3 – Take away Contact Points


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