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Best Fitness Gifts of 2014

Its almost time to wake up on Christmas, open all those presents (if you were a good boy or girl) and enjoy time with those you love. Here are a few items from my holiday wish list, in no particular order, that will take your workout to a new level next year!

Festive Christmas Gift


The Vessyl: This is probably my favorite product of the year. This sleek bottle measures anything you put into it. It tracks the liquid calories, caffeine, sugar among other things of any beverage. It tracks hydration and when it's best to drink your liquids for maximum sleep and performance.

11+ Bottle Humidifier Mini: Cold weather brings dry air. This mini humidifier is powerful enough to add moisture to any personal space. Not a bad "stocking stuffer".


TRX Home Suspension Training Kit: This timeless tool for trainers has become very popular for "in-home" workout enthuthiests. It uses your bodyweight for resistance to build strength/balance/flexibilty and can be used by those of all fitness levels. The home kit includes a storage mesh bag, a door anchor, and a starters guide to get you going!

ONIT Primal Bells: Do you like Kettlebells? Check out ONIT's Primal Bells, a variety of Primate-shaped bells. Nothing will get you fired up to do your favorite kettlebell exercises or complexes than the face of a pissed off primate looking right back at you! Really cool product.

On the Cheap:

Camry Digital Kitchen Scale and Measuring Cup: This is a great gift for guys like me that tend to over-measure. The digital scale helps you exactly mesausre an is detachable for easy cleaning.

Cyclone Cup: If you are a regular gym-goer, then you probably half a cabinet full of shaker cups. This cup is like that, but mixes everything more completely with its revolutionary Cyclone mixing technology. You'll find a 6oz storage cup screwed into the bottom to keep your protein, bcaa, and other powders for the travelling gym-goer.

There you have it, folks, a few of my favorite gift ideas for this year. If you have any other cool fitness products that are not listed above, please share!


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