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3 steps for Getting your Fitness Routine Started....and Kept.

You have had it. Tired of feeling tired, unmotivated and the lack of self-esteem has been slowly eating you away. Time for a change.

Use this motivation to develop a progressive, easy-to-implement routine that you will do what so many in the same position fail at, stick to it.

Now, are you ready for the “secret recipe” for results? Its not extreame. Its not sexy. It IS simple. It IS hard.

Its Consistency. Plain and simple.


Well not as exciting as you had hoped?

Change doesn’t happen overnight, and its past time to put those crazy expectations of fitness to a halt. Patience and an intelligent, progressive approach in the program, and diet, will yield continued results.

Below is the 3 step system to get you started on a smart, progressive approach to your fitness goals that will continue on and on. Lets dive in.

Step 1- The Schedule

First things first, take a look at your schedule. Where are you the most likely to exercise with the least amount of change in the schedule? This is where the majority make a vital mistake, don’t try to force yourself into a routine that you know you cant keep. If you are not a morning person, don’t schedule workouts early, as your just prepping to add more stress to yourself. Make exercise part of the day, not another thing to stress about.


Start with 20 min. Yes I said it. 20 min. Can you commit to 20 min of a program 3-4x per week? Try it for a week. Did you comply? Now repeat for 1-2 more weeks. If you still are going strong, add some extra time and additional movements into your routine. Here is an example of an easy 20 min workout for anyone starting off:

A1- TRX or Inverted Row 10 reps

A2- Bodyweight or Goblet Squat 10 reps

A3- Pushup 10 reps or Plank 20-30 sec

A4- Glute Bridge 15-20 reps

A5- DB Farmers Carry 20 yards down and back

Repeat 3-6x

The classic, most important pitfall- Diet.

Next comes the diet. No this doesn’t mean cutting all calories, eating like a rabbit and never having any fun. Start by downloading one of the many calorie trackers available and just track your intake. This is a very important step that will lead to results without making any additional changes for most. Once you have a steady daily intake and understanding, then slowly either subtract or add (dependent on goal) by as little as 200 calories per day, changing every couple of weeks. This slow progress may not seem that crazy but small changes add up over time and are easy to progress, allowing you to still enjoy the foods you love while reaching your goals.

Weeks 1-4

  • Track all food/drink consumed

  • Drink 1 gallon or close to each and every day

Week 4-8 to 10

  • Decrease calories 200-250 calories from base level

  • If muscle is goal, keep calories steady or slightly increase and make sure protein is at least 25% of total calorie intake.

  • Increase time at gym 10-20 min

  • Maintain water intake

Week 12-16

  • If progress stalls, decrease calories another 100-250 calories.

  • Adjust ratios of macros (increase protein, decrease carbs or fat)

  • Maintain water intake

The Program

Lastly comes picking the workout routine that you will start with. Looking to drop some fat? Build some muscle? Get stronger? There are a million routines online, or in print that can help you reach those goals. Find one that starts off at a manageable commitment (say 2-3x per week) and slowly progresses over time. This is where many miss the boat as well, jumping on the latest and greatest plan that asks the user to commit to 6-7x per week, eat a very specific diet and spend countless hours exercising. This just doesn’t fit the needs, schedule or experience level of a beginning exerciser.

The most important component, no matter what your goal is, is progressive overload.

Be sure to track your exercises and weights used, and to push to either add more weight, more reps, or more tension (time) to each. Over time as the numbers improve, and step 1 (schedule) and step 2 (diet) stay maintained, results will come.

  1. Start Slowly

  2. Adjust accordingly (every 3-6 weeks)

  3. Progressive overload

  4. Be patient. No goal is a linear path. There will be ups and downs both in schedule, diet and program (and the scale). Just stay on path, control what you can control and keep riding forward. Over time it all falls together.

With all of this being said, it is also very smart to look into hiring an accredited fitness professional to aid in helping you reach your goals. Allow the professional to access where your starting points are, and how to implement a tailored program that fits your individual needs and toward your goals. Another benefit is proper exercise technique. This allows you to get much more out of a program without just “going through the motions” and not reaching the training stimulus needed for the program to be successful. If it is truly a goal that you want to succeed in, then invest in someone to help achieve it correctly and safely.

I hope this helps anyone that is starting the beautiful journey of physical improvement. The benefits of both the body and the mind are unmatched and if done slowly and correctly, will be continued and enjoyed for life!

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